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Moringa and Cacao Protein Balls


When you have dates and honey, there’s no need for processed sugar in these yummy bites. Keep them around for an easy breakfast treat, or a mid-day snack in between meals.



In a food processor, pulse together dates, chia, almonds, honey and cacao powder until it comes together but is well-processed. Serve as is or roll in moringa powder or cacao powder for variation.

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Spirulina Quinoa Bowl

The ancient seed, quinoa makes a hearty lunch option because it’s filling without the carbs. Add your spirulina powder to it for extra nutrients as well as avocado and artisan lettuce. Serve with salad dressing and enjoy!INGREDIENTS1 cup quinoa1 teaspoon salt1 scoop spirulina½ cup chickpeas, cooked½ avocado1 handful lettuceBlack sesame seeds, for garnishSalad dressing of [...]

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Thai Butternut Squash Soup with Maca Powder

Get your vegetable the delicious way by pairing them with red curry, coconut milk and the healthy benefits of Organic Maca Powder. Prepare a large pot of this soup, and have leftovers the next day!INGREDIENTS1 tablespoon coconut oil½ yellow onion, diced1 tablespoon Thai red curry1 butternut squash, peeled with seeds removed2 cup vegetable stock1 tablespoon Organic Maca [...]

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Moringa Pesto Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Using superfood powders in savoury dishes doesn’t need to be boring. You can add Organic Moringa powder and coconut oil to vinaigrette dressing to take the flavour and health benefits to the next level. Drizzle over a vibrant summer salad and get your greens the delicious way.INGREDIENTS2 cups lettuce½ cup fresh peas3 radishes, sliced1 avocado, [...]

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Organic ​Cranberry & Goji Raw Vegan Cheesecake

This raw vegan cheesecake is really simple to make and full of goodness. It's an impressive sweet treat with a tart twist. This recipe makes two individual cakes or one medium sized:Ingredients:Biscuit Base:50g Nukraft organic goji berries150g pitted dates90g walnutsPinch of pink Himalayan salt.Creamy Cake Top:120g soaked cashew nuts2 heaped teaspoons of Nukraft Organic Raw Cranberry Powder1 [...]

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Camu Camu, Acerola, Satsuma & Carrot, Vit-C Hit SmoothieINGREDIENTS:1 x Heaped tbsp Nukraft Organic Raw Camu Camu Berry Powder1 x Heaped tbsp Nukraft Organic Acerola Cherry Powder6 x Ripe Satsumas2 Medium Sized Carrots400ml Iced Chilled waterHandful of Ice Cubes.METHOD:Simple. Blitz all the ingredients together, & Enjoy :)

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For the Salted Coconut Caramel:INGREDIENTS: 100g x Nukraft Organic Coconut Palm Sugar70g x Nukraft Organic Cacao Butter60ml x Coconut Cream0.5 x tea-spoon Himalayan SaltMETHOD: In a non stick pan, heat the Nukraft Organic Coconut Palm Sugar at a very low heat until the all clumps have melted into a liquid amber.Add Nukraft Organic Cacao Butter and stir for approx 2-3 minutes [...]

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Mango & Lucuma & Banana Smoothie Bowl with Camu Camu

For the Smoothie Bowl, blitz together: 1 x Banana 1 x Large Ripe Mango 1 x Heaped tbsp Nukraft Organic Lucuma Powder 1 x tbsp Nukraft Organic Raw Camu Camu Berry Powder Top with Nukraft Organic Raw Chia Seeds and Coconut flakes, Paint with Nukraft Organic Spirulina Powder and Dress with your choice of fruit, we went for; strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, yellow peach & [...]

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Raw Chocolate Candy Bars

This article is from our guest blogger Luca Bogen, to view more of her amazing recipes click hereOver the Christmas period the supermarkets are flooded shelves with Cadbury's Christmas selections, Toblerones and many other highly processed, full of sugars, dairy and excess fats. If we stay clear of these health damaging and un-environmentally friendly (many contain palm oil which [...]

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Vegan Bullet Proof Maca-iato

This is our take on the popular Bullet Proof Coffee complete with a coconut and maca twist for an extra healthy tasty kick. This has become incredibly popular recently as the coconut oil and coffee combine to give a slow release of Caffeine that will keep you going all day, with the addition of the [...]

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